Why Pheromones Are Great

Are you looking to find the best seductive pheromones for men? A lot of men are starting to understand the concepts of pheromones and how they work so well to attract women. Pheromones are the most seductive scents around that actually captivate and drive women crazy. Their effective use has become renowned because they work to do well. Understanding the attraction of scent that actually makes men more seductive is an experience all on its own.

Best Pheromones For 2018

Here are some example of Seductive Scents for Men:

Max Attraction: Max attraction is on the top because it really does smell great on men and allows them to secure and attraction among women quite easily.

Pherazone:Pherazone is another great scent that I actually love and use myself. It smells very similar to Acqua di Gio and the results of this effective sent of seduction are phenomenal. I get great compliments on this one.

Chikara Cologne:Chikara cologne is a light and refreshing fragrance that actually soothes the atmosphere when talking to a woman. It makes her feel more easy going and it allows women to trust you better.

Icebreaker Pheromones: This is a great icebreaker for first dates.

Why Pheromones Are Great

And also another scent of seduction that works well for strategic dating and closeness with another woman. I have used each and every one of these seductive scents for men and by far they have never let me down. I actually do prefer Pherazone and Max Attraction the best. Choose the one that best suits your personality and charm for seduction. Pheromone fragrances bring about a certain desire for seduction and the will to enjoy a most intimate occasion with the one you want to be with.

Try A Pheromone Party

Singles are hoping for love at first smell. Cupid got his arrows, but for this recipe for love, just require a tee shirt, a freezer, and a ziplock bag. You’ll find both sexes sniffing each other so to speak. With pheromones, we’re talking about chemical messages that trigger attraction. It’s necessarily a scent or an odor. It’s something amorphous and mysterious. At pheromone parties, somebody will go to the event and try to meet someone.

How do you seduce a man subliminally? Simple. Just appeal to his sharper senses… The easiest way to attract the attention of men is to go directly through to the part of their brains that triggers sexual attraction. All it takes is a drop or two of Primal for Her, the most powerful concentrated female pheromone on the market. Learn more at https://jail6letter.wordpress.com


Apparently, our transmissions of odor may not only involve sexual interaction. Apparently, sweat collected from our axillae may signal how we feel: happy, anxious, or depressed. Jacob and Mcclintock studied men and women after their viewing standardized films that created moods of happiness or anxiety, these subjects had their axillary sweat then collected and stored in bottles for male and female sniffing. Olfactory observers could ascertain the resultant mood of the subject.

If more studies of this type confirm the above, it is obvious that we have to add a new parameter to facial expression, voice, and posture as determining an observer’s response to our true romantic or sexual feelings.